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The Vital Statistics and Registration, a part of the Health Department , issues birth, marriage, and death records. They are also responsible for maintaining the records for birth, marriage, and death records that occurred within the Township of North Bergen and issuing copies.

If you are looking for documents prior to where ours begin, please contact Trenton at If you are unable to pick up the document in person, you may send a messenger with a notarized letter detailing all the wedding information, including a photocopy ID of the bride or groom along with their signature.

New Law Will Allow Adoptees to Access Sealed Birth Records

The messenger must also show a picture ID. Send to:.

Only Money Orders accepted by mail. Birth certificates are only issued to parents of the child.

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Make money orders payable to the Township of North Bergen. The marriage or civil union license must be obtained from the registrar in the New Jersey municipality in which either applicant resides, if one or both is a resident of New Jersey. If neither applicant lives in New Jersey, they must apply in the town in which they will be married.

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A witness, who is at least 18 years of age and knows both of the applicants, must appear with the couple at the time of the application. The couple must bring their birth certificates and second form of I.

The birth certificate must be in English. If either of the applicants have been married before, they must bring their original final divorce decree or a certified death certificate. If either applicant is under 18 years of age, consent of both parents is necessary Registrar has form. If either applicant is under 16 years of age, BOTH parents must consent and judicial approval of such consent is necessary.