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Our plan for these New Jersey indices is basically identical to our plan for the previously-acquired NYC marriage indices : put them online, for free, for everyone. Sometime in the next few months, probably in very early , the films will be digitally scanned and uploaded for free public access at the non-profit Internet Archive archive. You can download the entire set and re-post it on your own website, or print out the images and turn them into origami paper cranes, or whatever.

New York City Vital Records

Record Years: births, deaths, grooms index and brides index. Number of Records Estimated : , births; 44, marriages grooms index ; , marriages brides index 96, deaths. Me: I read you loud and clear.

Our EIN is For free! So, yeah, this is big news. The awesome, generous, amazing New Jersey State Archives has sent us copies of the following microfilms from their collection: Record Type Years Approx. Who, What, Where, When, and How?! Those are still being planned, and coming soon… But in doing the research to figure out exactly which records to request, we had a long phone call with genealogist Michelle Tucker Chubenko. And to reiterate, none of this twentieth century material is available online at all. But then something awesome happened.

Paperwork and Court Filings.

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Browse the Records. Get the latest news! Some researchers have been stumped by how to decode the location codes on the indices, however. You are free to download this file and use it to decode the marriage indices. These codes were also used on death records, so some of the locations like the NJ State Prison may seem like an odd place to hold a wedding.

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The location is identified by only the first four digits of this five-digit number. I have a question about the four digit codes for place of marriage in New Jersey.

New Law Will Allow Adoptees to Access Sealed Birth Records

Is there a way to find out the location that number correlates to? Hi Tricia. Just to make things more complicated, in that particular index, the entries for the place codes and certificate numbers are listed under the wrong headings.

In your example, the number is actually the marriage certificate number, not a place code. The good news is you really just need that certificate number and the year to request the marriage record. Thank you for your time. I also have a question on location numbers: this is for the year and the location number is listed as , and the state file number is listed as I cannot find either of these numbers on your reference list.

I was looking on page at Fleisch, Augusta. I apologize, I just re-read your answer above and see what the issue is. I will mail the state of NJ as their online form will not accept a request without the month and day. No problem, Carol. If you're willing to pay by credit card, for an additional fee you can order online this may not apply to genealogy requests.

For marriage records between and , the county the marriage took place in is required. Genealogical records are those births that occurred more than 80 years ago. Requests for genealogical records must be submitted in writing. Genealogical records are those deaths that occurred more than 40 years ago.

Genealogical records are those marriages that occurred more than 50 years ago. Otherwise, requests should be directed to the State Registrar or State Archives.

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For records after contact the NJ County Court that issued the divorce decree. Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. The many people who have come before you should be honored by you and your family members. If you do some research, you may find that your family arrived in this country from Europe hundreds of years ago.

New Jersey Birth, Marriage, and Death Indices, 1901-1903 and 1901-1914

Maybe tragic events happened to your ancestors. A mystery may be available for you to solve if you take on the role of genealogist. Compiling your family data and making a family tree is a noble task. What is the first step in entering an archival activity? Having a precise game plan is a good initial step in making a family tree. Answer simple questions before you begin your project. How far back do you want your family tree to go? Should both family sides mother and father be included? Are siblings of distant relatives able to fit in your family tree?