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As the process has changed, so have the demographics. Over the last two decades, a growing number of eager entrepreneurs have taken note of the fact.

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The result? With one click of a mouse, we can find out that great-great-great grandpa was born in Killarney or Krakow. But before you get to that click, there are a few other clicks.

Specifically, the ones that involve entering your credit card number, expiry date, and billing address. This is worth the price — it comes with all kinds of bells and whistles, including the ability to scan and attach everything from copies of records to old photos, and to print out family trees to give to your kids for school projects.

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LDS theology puts a premium on family history , since members seek to baptize dead ancestors into their faith. Why not?

Add in airfare, hotel bills and incidentals A big new area is DNA testing. One of the costliest temptations is to travel back, to see where your ancestors came from, and do more research on the spot.

And I confess, it was an astonishing feeling for me to see the original birth certificate of John McGee, born in Ayrshire as the French Revolution was raging across the Channel. In Ireland, officials in tiny County Leitrim struggle to find stuff to brag about. She had names, and very rough locations. With that in hand, she had flown into Shannon airport.

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Alternatively, search the transcriptions and images at Ancestry or Findmypast. Be warned, but not deterred: even records in the s can be in Latin! For Church of Ireland CoI parish registers see the work-in-progress here. Find the full feature in the March issue of Family Tree.

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