How to find someone else ip

Facebook acts as an intermediary between you and every other user. You connect to Facebook's servers and send them data in the form of posts, comments or messages.

Finding the Owner of an IP Address

Facebook's servers, in turn, distribute them to the users who are supposed to see them. By necessity, Facebook sees your IP address every time you connect. For security purposes it even keeps records of the IP addresses from which you've logged in.

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However, this is not information that Facebook makes public to its users. The only IP addresses Facebook users can track through Facebook communications are the ones for Facebook's own servers. Facebook can, however, reveal this information to law enforcement officials.

HSS - How to Find Someone’s IP Address

The only time your computer can see the IP address of someone you're communicating with online is when you're directly connected to one another. Facebook's mobile apps do not use that kind of peer-to-peer arrangement. The apps connect to Facebook's servers to send and receive messages. Consequently, you still don't have access to user IP addresses on Facebook mobile.

However, you can spoof IPs, he could have installed a proxy unknown to you on your machine to do things, he could have been on the same dynamic block same ISP as you and happened to get your old IP randomly, etc Wow, so you can spoof an IP by using proxies? And I doubt this person is from my area - he was posting from Australia according to him , I'm from the US. But how did he get a hold of my IP number?

Is it possible to use someone else's IP address? - Security | DSLReports Forums

That's what baffles me. Funny this one, Any AOL user logging onto this board even after a lenght of absence will be shocked to see that they have logged in very very recently:o I had a simmilar problem at another board except the person with the same IP was not a troll but another AOL user:. This is most probably to do with your ISP using a transparant proxy. How are transparent proxies obtained?

IP Addresses

And how can I prevent this from happening again? Dismayed direcpc. It's a good thing you caught it in time because the same thing happened to me and it's cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees already because rather than try and find out who this other person is they flat came after me with no good will in sight.

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If anyone out there knows, I'd like to know how to prevent this. Should I cal my ISP and let them know about this?

How to get Anyone's IP Address

Or is this something I can take care from my end? You can use a proxy! If you use a proxy server then you can get around your ip block.

Curiosity join Dawson Creek, BC. Why would any service identify users by their IP numbers? They change frequently. Mine gets changed every few hours. They also recycle ip addresses and you can get nailed for what someone else does then the information gets twisted into something that it's not so it's a legitimate concern especially in today's internet where the government is breathing down everybody's neck like a hungry wolf and people are bouncing junk off of any computer they can find to break into so it shuffles the blame.

What Is an IP Address

That's what happened to me, someone posted some crap in a message board and somehow I get two different stories either used a recycled ip address or bounced it off of somewhere and now I'm up to my neck in lawyers and being haunted by this horrific mess. The other story is that the ip address isn't a valid internet address, but by that time it was too late and the damage had been done so they just decided to push forward with it anyway.

If I win then I get to keep my freedom until the next battle, but if I lose then I lose big despite the fact that they found nothing on my computer to back up their claim.